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A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Venturix is set in a low-poly, open world environment in which the player can explore the island at will. It offers an intrinsic connect with a fluent story sequence, day-night transitions, 3D rendering and context sensitive audio & visuals. The game offers opportunities wherein the player experiences increasing degree of difficulty with a feeling of anxiety or accomplishment as the game progresses.

Salient features:
- Player placed elements that can inflict damage to enemy
- Ability to repair and upgrade elements
- AI enabled movement
- Third person 3D view
- Time Rotation (day/night cycle)
- Currency (Amber) to buy resources, upgrades and repairs

Shipwrecked, a Sailor finds his way to an island inhabited by outlaws called 'Roguelings' and friendly 'Kindlings'. 

He wakes up from near unconscious state and finds a handgun that helps him clear the obstacles and neutralize the first onslaught of Roguelings. He soon realizes he is in a hostile environment, the sole human being, who will have to fight his way to survival. 

The Sailor learns that Kindlings are friendly creatures and will help him build a fort and set up defenses. He strategically amasses construction resources and directs the Kindlings for assistance. In the process, he fends off occasional attacks from Roguelings and their Commanders. 

The Sailor earns credits (in the form of Amber) and experience (in the form of XP) by completing missions, which he can use to buy resources and other capabilities.

He eventually builds an army with Kindlings which eliminates the Roguelings and their King. 

As the Sailor and the Kindlings are rejoicing their victory, his SOS beacon is observed by a passing ship. He handovers the island to the Kindlings and bids adieu as he sails back to the human world.

Install instructions

Instructions for macOS based systems: 

1. Unzip the zip file and Extract the contents to the Applications folder.

2. Double Click on the icon to start the game.

Instructions for Windows based systems:

1. Unzip the zip file and Extract the contents.

2. Go to venturix_win folder.

3. Double click on venturix.exe  to start the game.


Download 92 MB
Download 85 MB

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